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E is for...Elle, Eliza and Estelle

This week we bring to you all our items beginning with the letter E to work into our alphabetical blog. incase you hadn't noticed ๐Ÿ˜‰

We know the world of weddings are very up and down right now but we are still here bringing joy to your hair and getting you ready for your big day.

Rebecca, Head of Buying and Bespoke shows you ways to wear all our E items. If you're thinking hair up or hair down we will cover it!

A little bit of inspiration from BONBONHQ


Perfect for that boho bride. Elle can be worn front or back of the head. We love it at the back with hair down or up. It's so versatile.


Eliza sparkles and shines, she's so glamorous! This looks great with all your hair down and flowing.


Another boho style or super cool bride vibes. Here are a couple of ways to wear Estelle with hair up and hair down options.

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