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D is for... Dress!

Finding your wedding dress is probably one of the biggest and most important decisions that you can make - This week we look at finding 'The One'... Will you know immediately like they say you do?

We spoke to our stockists Epernay Bridal, based in the North East, to find out more about choosing your dream dress!


Please introduce yourself, how you met, and how you decided to open your store… We are Judith & Laurie, and we first met whilst working together as make-up artists for MAC. Both worked for Mac for over 10 years but in 2015 Laurie transferred to Jo Malone as the Business Manager, and Judith joined the management team a year later. Two years later In 2018, an honest conversation led to us revealing a dream of owning our own business one day. Delighted to realize it was the same dream, we decided to make it our reality. Promising each other that this would not be one of 'those' conversations that fizzled into nothing, we followed our hearts and found the perfect location to open a bridal boutique in the heart of Gosforth Newcastle. Who’s your favourite dress designer? We adore all our designers. Each designer and collection showcase such strong identities that ooze personality and uniqueness. They represent our brides perfectly. The This Is The One bride at Epernay Bridal has bundles of charm, charisma, and zest. Our designers and their brand ethos go together hand-in-hand with everything we stand for as a bridal boutique providing dreamy dresses suiting every bride, style, dream, theme, idea any bride could wish for.

Hayley Paige: A bride's opportunity to romance the sweeter side of femininity, from the quirky and charming to the fun and fabulous.

Ti Adora, designed by Allison Webb: is charming, elegant, and above all, a modern romantic.

Tara Keely designed by Lazaro: for the graceful and elegant bride who embodies an effortless beauty and timeless sophistication.

Eliza Jane Howell: Sassy sophistication whos dresses become heirlooms,

Cizzy Bridal Australia: Designed for the everyday bride who really wants to be the most beautiful version of herself on her most special day. She lives in the modern-day but salutes the traditional bride.

Do you see the dress trends change often?  'Trends' is a tricky one. Whilst both working for Mac for over ten years, we had a massive appreciation for the whole trend concept, constantly embracing and keeping up with trends. But in the bridal world, we believe that no matter what vision anyone has for their wedding day, no one should ever be made to feel doubt about the decisions they're making. Some articles and social posts dedicated to trends can leave people worrying or fearing that the things they have chosen are 'so last season,' or 'so over.' We think this is so wrong. We love celebrating individuality and listening to all our bride's stories and themes, especially those who share personal unique meaningful gestures that are relevant to them and their story. They're the trends we love, personal, unique, and meaningful. What do you see being the next big trend in wedding dresses? Our designers each bring their own trend. Sparkle and iconic ballgowns by Hayley Paige, pure romance and elegance by Ti Adora, exquisite femininity from Lazaro, hand-beaded masterpieces by Eliza Jane Howell and utterly modern beauties by Cizzy Bridal Australia, our designers don't follow the trend they are the trends.

How many times does a bride normally visit you once she's said yes to the dress? Generally, a bride will visit four times in total, three for fittings and alterations then collection day. Some even visit for a cuppa and a catch up (which we love and wished all our brides would do) after their wedding. Is there anything a bride should bring with them when looking at dresses? Ideally, wear great underwear! Bras will most often be removed due to open backs, strapless and general styles of dresses, but its always worth wearing a great natural colour knicker, either pull in ones or seamless ones. Also, it's a good idea to bring a pair of heels ( with the heel height you know you will be comfortable in) Most brides feel more complete when trying dresses on then adding a pair of heels. We do provide shoes but best if brides come with their own. What’s your biggest piece of advice for a bride to be when choosing her dress? When you try a dress on, if your mind starts building a picture whilst you are standing there in front of the mirror wearing the dress, for example, if you start imagining your hair and make-up, picturing yourself walking down the aisle with your bridesmaids, you can see your partners face when you approach them. You have a connection with the dress, and these are notable signals that need to be taken seriously. Trust your emotions, don't over shop, but most importantly don't put too much pressure on finding the dress. You really will know when you find 'The One' Don't be surprised if it's in the first shop you visit or one of the first dresses you try. It will be right, and you will feel it! It is one of the most significant decisions a bride will make, but the memories that remain mean the dress (after the wedding) becomes even more special and precious. Most boutiques are either family-run or owned by friends like us. Consequently, our boutiques mean the world to us, therefore welcoming brides to help them find their perfect dress is the most exciting part of the 'job'. If you do have the urge to 'shop everywhere' please research each store and the designers they stock as it really isn't worth visiting boutiques if you don't get a buzz for the dresses/designers or price tags they stock. Most bridal appointments are 90 minutes long and should be booked when absolutely certain and serious in finding your dress.

What's the best way to clean your wedding dress?  Professionally, a professional, dedicated wedding dress cleaners. Lots of companies provide a super service, including a lovely treasurable dress storage box. How soon before the wedding, do people come to choose their dress? 12 months is the perfect timeline. Dresses need to arrive two months before the wedding day for the alterations to be completed. Dresses can take anywhere between 4 to 8 months to arrive in store. Every designer works to different timelines so to avoid rush orders, and charges start 12 months, but there really is no need to start looking any earlier. Outlets are always a good place to start to get an idea of styles and silhouettes that suit you. What’s been your favourite dress sale memory since opening your store? Ooooh, this is way toooooo hard to answer! They're ALL the best. We LOVE sharing THIS  IS  THE  ONE  moments with all our brides. It's such a special moment, and we always feel so privileged to be a part of it. The unforgettable memory that stays with every bride for the rest of their lives, understanding that we play a role at that moment is an honour.


What a wonderful insight into the world of wedding dresses, thank you so much to Judith and Laurie.

Bon Bon Bride is stocked at Epernay Bridal, so you can also shop our accessories on your visit to them!

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