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B is for Budget

Dare we say the words wedding BUDGET?!!! Does anyone keep to it? Is it a realistic thing to set?

What's the biggest budget breaker? Are there any areas you could cut back?

When you plan a wedding you are kind of going in blind with what costs what, who knew a photographer would cost that much? Hair and make up is a big deal and you have to look your best! What's important to you?

We asked around at Bon Bon HQ to see who was willing to break the budget on what for their big day.

Louise (PR) would totally splash out on the location for the day, her dream wedding would be on a beach in Ibiza, with an open bar. But she would save on her dress and shoes, be a barefoot boho babe wearing a dress from the Ibizan hippy market!

Rebecca (head of buying) would definetly break her bank (or maybe his) with the dress , it's a once in a life time event to wear the dress of your ultimate dreams , Berta would be her port of call. She would get her friends on the big job of making her cake to save some pennies as they love to bake!

Rachael (admin gal) thinks hair and make up would definitely be top of her list and the best glam squad available would be booked, no expense spared! She would save on stationary costs, and make an email invite herself - very modern!

Heres the top 10 budget breakers for any wedding day.

  1. Venue / Reception - those dream venues don't come cheap

  2. Catering - food is very important no one wants a hungry guest

  3. The dress - say no more!

  4. Photography - an experienced photographer is worth every penny

  5. Flowers - you may be surprised how much these works of art cost

  6. Free bar costs - those 11pm tequila shots seem like a good idea at the time

  7. Music - keep those guests entertained till the early hours

  8. Honeymoon - once in a lifetime extravagance

  9. Fireworks - add that magical element to any wedding

  10. Videographer - those memories to last a lifetime!

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